GreenRiters is a website dedicated to providing advice and resources for writing scientific manuscripts.

Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is a prestigious way to share scientific findings. Whether you are a graduate student who’s trying to convert your class project into a publication or an aspiring researcher who’s eager to disseminate your research findings, you can find some helpful tips and strategies from my website.

Topics range from choosing target journals and co-authors to dealing with rejections.  I wrote those posts based on my extensive experience as a researcher, writer, and journal reviewer. 

My background and experience are in social science, public health, and health services. If your research area is in life science, engineering, or others, some posts may not be completely applicable. But I am sure you will still find something you would enjoy reading.

I promise, my posts won’t be boring…. at least I will try. I know you don’t need another textbook to read.

Lorna Ye, Ph.D.